Sharon Osbourne considered ending her life

Sharon Osbourne considered ending her life

Sharon Osbourne considered ending her life three times.

The 66-year-old media personality has opened up about her battle with depression as she admits there was a point where she tried to end it all.

Speaking on daytime television show The Talk, she said: “I was joking about this but I shouldn’t – talking about my depression. And it’s like, you know saying, ‘Oh, the first time I tried to kill myself was okay, the second, all right, the third time, oye!’ But it’s like, I’m still here. I still do what I do and you struggle. I wish everybody could think flowers and daisies and princesses, but you can’t.”

Sharon had opened up in the past about her mental health and suffering a mental breakdown and admits it left her feeling “very frightened”.

She explained: “I had given up. I just couldn’t deal. At a very low point in my life, I was very frightened about what was going on with me mentally and the thoughts that were going into my head constantly. 

These thoughts coming into my head and pictures and people’s faces and I couldn’t control my head, but I couldn’t verbalise it. I just didn’t have the strength to even say I need help, help me because I just couldn’t talk I was just flat, gone.”

And when it comes to mental health, its one day at a time for Sharon.

She said: “I think if you are born with [depression] you have it all your life, and it’s an ongoing battle, so it’s an ongoing thing of realising how blessed you are and what you got to be happy about in the day and I have so much.