Kevin Hart’s ‘Irresponsible’ Netflix Special

Kevin Hart’s ‘Irresponsible’ Netflix Special

Kevin Hart’s new stand-up special “Irresponsible” was released April 2, 2019, on Netflix.

This is the 39-year-old actor and comedian 6th stand-up special, but his first to debut on Netflix. It was filmed at the O2 Arena in London, England.

I have just finished watching the special and to be honest I am not a 100% sure what to make of it. Hart’s introspection was largely focused on his relationship with his family, friends and his embarrassing mistakes.

The question I silently asked myself as the comedian delivered his jokes was… is this meant to be funny or am I missing something? My wife joined me for the first 20mins of the special and asked me the same question.

I really wanted to kick back, relax, watch and enjoy this special. However, for me something was amiss. I admire kevin’s work ethic, his love for his craft and his entrepreneurial spirit, but frankly did not quite feel this special. I found some of his jokes somewhat predictable and in some cases they fell flat on delivery.

This special however made me have a renewed respect for the 39-year-old comedian, his infectious energy and passion for his art remains undiluted, despite numerous ongoing projects.

Hart’s Irresponsible has some solidly hilarious moments, I am certain his die-hard fans will not be disappointed because overall the special was in my opinion good.

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